Ladies Day Away 2019 — OUR TEAM


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Doors open at 9:00 a.m. conference starts at 10:00.



Because we cared so deeply that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God, but our own lives as well. That is how beloved you have become to us. 1 Thessalonians 2:8

We are a group of ladies consisting of a wide variety of ages 16 – 90+, with a vast array of experiences. We come from different walks of life, nationalities, religions and different parts of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. God strategically placed us in each other’s paths, He pursued us and drew us together as one body of ladies who love and adore Him.

We are passionate about the plan God has intended for each one of our lives – your life included!  We know this is not our forever home and try to give vision to what can happen when heavenly minded people are determine to do earthly good in the places they live, work and play. We are humbled, honored and blessed to be the hands and feet of Jesus! We lead ordinary lives — but we are everyday missionaries — Soul Sisters who see kingdom possibilities.

Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. I Corinthians 12:4-6

The Construction Crew
Kelly is passionate about being the hands and feet of Jesus, seeing Kingdom possibilities, women’s ministries and creating opportunities for effective connectedness. She loves looking for the wonderful opportunities that God places right under her nose! And she often finds herself saying, “God, who does this kind of cRaZY stuff?!!  Oh, that’s right, Lord, you do . . . so, I do too!!”
— Chaos Coordinator, Your Host

Sharon is a wife, mom, grandmother (known as Queen) . . . LOL, evangelist, teacher, author, survivor, but most importantly a Lover of God! Through her ministry of writing, her book Purposeful Pathways has helped inspire, encourage, and motivate women to move beyond life circumstances, pursue their lives on Purpose!
— Foundation Station, Keynote Afternoon Speaker

Rachel lives with her family in Jacksonville, FL. She was raised in a Christian home. She is passionate about walking by faith and not by sight and loving others. She is also passionate in pursuing God’s calling for her life and pursuing others to do the same. She knows she is a light in this world of darkness, and she just wants to learn how to sparkle so she can sparkle for Him!
— Foundation Station, Keynote Morning Speaker

Norma is a wife, mother, pastor and lover of all things Jesus. At 8 years old she knew her purpose on earth was to bring people to Jesus. She is passionate about sharing the amazing Love of God with all those who have ever felt that they were unappreciated, undervalued, undesired, unloved, unnoticed and unwanted.
— Foundation Station, Heavenly Melodies Praise and Worship Leader

Bonnie is a wife of superman and a mom of three wonderful minions. Her family loves Jesus and super heroes. She is a youth leader and loves to entertain family and friends. The Lord has delivered her from depression and addictions. She has a heart for the hurting and hopes one day to have a home with lots of rooms, so she can foster the lost and broken children.
— Emcee, Moderator, Orchestrator of Our Special Day

Wendy is a wife, mother of four precious children and loves the Lord. She praises God for resurrecting her into new life and giving her the greatest desire of her heart, a family. She is passionate about using the gifts God has given her and the opportunities she is given.  Her favorite is school outreach ministry where she brings the love of Christ into public schools.
— Foundation Station, Social Communicator

Margaret’s heart’s desire is to serve Jesus in the capacity that He wants her to serve and with the people He wants her to serve with. The psalmist said, the Israelite’s knew the Lord and Moses knew the ways of the God. The older Margaret gets the more she feels the responsibility to pass on to the younger generation the things she has learned about the ways of the Lord.
— Foundation Station, Grace Moment, One Way Team

Carolyn has three adult children and seven grandchildren — all the loves of her life! She is a people person whose passion is loving and encouraging people! Carolyn and her husband are currently pastoring First Assembly in Fleming Island. Together, they co-hosted a daily TV program, “Something Special.” She’s been pastoring various churches since she was 20 years old.
— One Way Team

Debbie is a wife and mother of 10 adult and teenage children. She is blessed to have a blended family! Through them God has shown her how to love unconditionally and see past the actions of those who may be struggling! Debbie encourages and helps others to understand the art of being still and quiet and listening for the Holy Spirit to guide them into the Truth they need.
— Foundation Station,

Lindsey is a wife and home-school mom. She loves spending time with her family and friends and sharing God’s love with others. She is passionate about hospitality within ministries. She loves pulling a team of people together and guiding them, so God’s love is not only seen but felt.
— Hospitality and Social Media

Ann is a wife, mother of two girls, a lover of Christ and advocate for His word. Having been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases she has faced many trials and learned how to find hope and spiritual growth through her suffering. Her mission is to seek those in despair, reassuring them of the power to overcome their circumstances as well as the key to perseverance.
— Assistant Chaos Coordinator

TeSchara is a Psalmist who loves operating in the gifts God has purposed her with. In Worship her desire is for God’s Glory to be present and to take over bringing peace, joy, love, comfort, deliverance, healing, breakthrough and all other things He desires for that moment — knowing all experiences will last for a lifetime.
— Heavenly Melodies

Tamika is serious in business and silly at heart. She is passionate about feeding and clothing the homeless. Restoring health and happiness to children who are abused (mentally and physically) and those feeling abandoned, unseen and unheard. She is also passionate about advocating for those who feel challenged when needing to speak for themselves or insecure about change.
— Heavenly Melodies

LaTonia is a musician, worship leader and a songwriter. She is a Christian, wife, mother and grandmother who loves God, people and life.
— Heavenly Melodies

Phyllis is a Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin and friend. She loves sharing the Lord through everyday life experiences. She also enjoys spending time with her friends and family, especially the precious little joys of her life, her grandchildren.
— Grace Moment

Cathie is passionate about serving the Lord and following the plan He has for her life. She praises God for giving her a personal understanding that every day is a gift from Him – something to be cherished, celebrated and shared. She loves laughing, singing, having fun and being a joyful servant for the Lord.
— Grace Moment

Irene is a mother of 3 wonderful children. She is also a very blessed grandmother of 7 wonderful adult grandchildren, and 3 amazing great grandchildren. God has been so faithful.
— Grace Moment

Videographers — Kayla and Kiana Foundation Station — Renate, Betsy, Denise, Gale
Grace Moments — Neci Social Media — Amanda

Extreme Teams —
The Girlfriendship Team: During the last 12 months over 100 girlfriends have given their time, their talents and have consistently covered the 2019 Spring Ladies Day Away in prayer. We believe God has something extra special for all who attend!

Graphic Design: Abby, Leigh, Pat

Plugged In – Resources: Debra, Jo’D, Denese, Bonnie, Joane, Sherry

One Way Team: Barbara Ann, Phyllis, Debbie, Deborah, Sherry, Venus, Neci, Carolyn, Margaret

In His Service: The many guys, the facility staff, and students who helped to make our Spring Ladies Day Away — one of a kind and extra special!!


To secure a seat near your girlfriends — purchase your tickets by Saturday, February 16!
Tickets available through February 23.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10 NIV


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