Your Help is Needed — video clips

Hey Girlfriends — another opportunity . . .

We are working on the Ladies Day Away – one day conference taking place Saturday, February 23 and we need some help.

Kayla, our videographer, is creating a music video, complied of short clips, to our theme song, Grace Got Me.

She needs more video clips and she would like to have them right away!   None of them need to be long and any audio sent will not be used.

Below are some ideas of what Kayla is looking for.
— PEOPLE OF ALL AGES (kids, families, grandmas, grandpas, you)
— None of the video clips need to be long

— attempting to dance
— dancing while vacuuming, at the park . . .
— old home videos of someone dancing
— toddlers dancing/singing in their car seats
— you and your kids dancing
— kids and their friends dancing


In advance – THANK YOU for your help!!

Please email your videos
– directly to Kayla at:
– or you can send them to: